WEW Engineering Ltd is a specialist Consulting Engineering design and management firm focused on sustainable, energy-efficient water and wastewater treatment, including waste-to-energy projects, both industrial and municipal. WEW Engineering was founded in 2012 in Kilkenny.
Our highly professional team comprises of specialist Water Chemists, Chartered Engineers, Master Planners, Field Specialists, Environmental Engineers, Process Engineers, Electrical Engineers and 3D CAD Designers. In-house water engineering specialities include chemistry and process design, with integrated mechanical electrical instrumentation and automation engineering services, all available for each project. We are recognised as international experts in this area of Engineering practice. Our Engineers have been applying cutting-edge technologies in the Water, Energy and Wastewater sectors, both Municipal and Industrial, for over 45 years.


Pre-project quantification, analytical characterisation, and identification of the critical design/performance parameters on water, wastewater, and bioenergy projects. Preliminary assessments including relative sustainability, both technical and commercial, of alternative designs to confirm the optimum solution.

BAT design of plants to utilise most up-to-date field-proven technologies and to minimise carbon footprint, modulated in accordance with loading. Technical data sheets and all related drawings are produced in a 3D CAD environment. Incorporation of state-of-the-art emerging technologies to maximise biological removal of nitrogen and phosphorus, including post-treatment for recycle.

Conditioning of feedstocks for Anaerobic Digestion and/or incineration with post-treatment of by-products for reuse or disposal. Systems design of most efficient energy generation and recovery facilities based on biogas, bio-methane, steam, CHP, and electricity.

One-off designs with procurement services for MEICA equipment, instrumentation, and on-line control facilities in line with the User Requirement Specification (URS) as defined by the selected process design. Day-to-day management of Client–Vendor contracts based on designated terms of reference for each project. Full-scale energy audits with reports and recommendations.


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Our vision is to be the independent designer of choice for multidisciplinary environmental engineering with a proven team renowned for innovative and sustainable solutions.

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