Considering an Agri Anaerobic Digestion Waste to Energy Plant? WEW Engineering is at the forefront in promoting the development and application of Waste to Energy (WtE) projects. We can provide independent initial assessments and feasibility studies to determine the technical and commercial viability of each project.

    Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) has a strategic plan to achieve 20% renewable gas on the network by 2030, this will be achieved by supporting anaerobic digestion (AD) with separate initiatives for the agriculture sector and the commercial waste industry sector. GHG emissions from Agriculture represents over 35% of national emissions and are expected to increase further. Ireland needs to sustainably address GHG emissions from agriculture. One way of doing so is by generating energy from agri-anaerobic digestion, it is forecast that Agri-AD can deliver up to 9.8 TWh per annum of renewable gas by 2030. Farming and Agri-Business sectors generate large volumes of readily biodegradable high strength liquid (and solid) wastes, which provide an ideal opportunity for the application of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technologies, with many advantages including:

    • Biogas Production
    • Biomethane for Gas Grid injection
    • Nutrient-rich by-product (fertiliser)

    WEW Engineering specialises in providing cost-effective designs and solutions in the engineering of waste to energy plants such as Anaerobic Digestors (AD), which will reduce your Carbon Footprint and enable commercial sustainability.

    Our specialist engineering team will guide you through the process, which comprises several stages, generally as follows:


    • Determine available feedstock potential
    • Calculate potential energy and residuals production
    • Review business case for commercial viability



    • Identify potential options and assess feasibility
    • Available Site(s) and potential advantages
    • Regulatory and Planning requirements
    • Complete economic and environmental analysis
    • Health and Safety standards
    • Assess optimum technology for the project



    • We provide professional engineering inputs into the planning process, including:
    • Prepare outline design and engineering drawings
    • Prepare plant design specifications
    • Prepare technology selection report
    • Provide support and assistance with regulatory bodies



    • On receipt of planning approval, detailed design commences including process, mechanical and electrical, automation and control systems.
    • Our design office utilises AutoCAD intelligent PID and Plant 3D CAD/CAE platforms compatible with BIM requirements in developing designs. This ensures the client is fully engaged in the process, enabling early review and modifications as necessary, based on the 3D models, plans and layouts.
    • We also provide procurement services including specifications and tender documents. Negotiating the optimum equipment costs for specific project purposes from our network of approved vendors and suppliers.



    Our services include professional construction supervision, specifically tailored to bioenergy projects.

    • Monitor contract performance
    • Create metrics and reporting tools
    • Communicate progress to stakeholders
    • Review contractors’ documentation
    • Commissioning supervision
    • As-built documentation
    • Plant optimisation services

    If you are thinking of Anaerobic Digestion and need professional advice with a waste to energy project, please contact WEW Engineering for a free consultation.

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