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    WEW Engineering joins Fingleton White Group


    We are delighted to share some momentous news with you all! Today marks a significant milestone in the journey of WEW Engineering as we announce our acquisition by Fingleton White. This partnership will augment the professional engineering services and redefine the synergy between WEW and Fingleton White which has grown organically over the years. As a subsidiary of Fingleton White WEW will remain focused on professional services. These services include process, mechanical, electrical, controls and automation and sustainable energy-efficient water and wastewater treatment solutions across the Industrial and Municipal sectors.

    This acquisition is a testament to the incredible work and dedication of our team, as well as the trust and support from all of you – our valued clientele.

    Fingleton White

    Fingleton White provide engineering services to the energy industry throughout Ireland and the UK operating across multiple sectors including gas, CHP, Biofuels, Water and Telecoms. Established in 1981, Fingleton White has grown to be the leading provider of engineers and project managers to the energy sector.

    They are a major stakeholder in the development of power generation, oil and natural gas infrastructure

    They provide extensive R&D and feasibility studies in the use of innovative technologies in the energy sector, covering areas such as aviation fuel pipeline, district heating, domestic CHP and the use of compressed natural gas as a virtual pipeline and as a future fuel for vehicles.

    A New Chapter

    This acquisition will create possibilities, as we combine our passion for innovation, customer satisfaction, and pushing engineering boundaries. Together, we are stronger, we can strengthen our impact, accelerate growth, and continue delivering a future of advanced products/services to you.

    We have collaborated with Fingleton White for the past number of years and our alignment of vision and values are committed to providing excellence, integrity and a customer-centric approach. Our vision to carry out all of our projects with BAT (Best Available Techniques) safely, on time and on budget remains our priority.

    Henk van der Puil Chief Executive Officer of WEW commented “…. This sale supports WEW’s long-term objectives, it provides even more security for our staff and allows WEW to provide extended capabilities to you as our key clients. I look forward to even more success under the Fingleton White Group banner….”

    Mick Lennon Managing Director of Fingleton White commented “…. We welcome everyone from WEW into the Fingleton White family. This acquisition will help accelerate one of our key strategic objectives of diversification into the water sector. We are 100% committed to support the continued growth of WEW Engineering in the Irish Industrial Sector and the UK Municipal and Industrial Sectors. We look forward to working closely with you in the future….”

    What this means for you, the Client:

    This acquisition has two key points:

    1. The current WEW Directors will continue to lead the organisation.
    2. WEW staff will remain on board to support and enhance the continued growth of both organisations.

    We will continue to develop the latest process technologies. We aim to improve existing facilities, design more state-of-the-art resources, including waste-to-energy projects, water treatment reuse and recycling, Bio-Nutrient recovery, and Bioenergy projects. With the added resources such as civil, gas, energy, project management expertise etc. we know we can surpass any previous singular goals we had.


    We look forward to this chapter filled with innovation, growth and shared success.


    Finally, we want to express our deepest gratitude to each one of you – our clients, our team, partners, and supporters. Your trust has been the driving force behind WEW’s success, and we are excited to continue this journey with you in the coming years.

    For more information on Fingleton White take a look at their website here.

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