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At WEW Engineering our team design solutions to complex Engineering Systems with reference to Water, Energy and Wastewater. WEW consists of water chemists, chartered engineers, master planners, field specialists and 3D CAD designers. This team of dedicated engineering consultants and design engineers apply global emerging technologies to create solutions in the Water, Energy and Wastewater industry.

WEW Engineering works directly with each client to identify the issues and requirements for each project. They provide individual analysis and advice of best practice for each client, incorporating existing knowledge, skills and experience to develop site-specific solutions or systems using the latest proven technologies and processes.

2nd row left to right: Bill Leahy (project manager), Barbara Harrison (office manager), Lee Horrocks (non executive director), Jack Browne (associate director & senior engineer), Laura Maher (business development & marketing manager), Dave Ludgate (associate director & senior engineer), Shruti Vase (engineer), Henk van der Puil (managing director), Seamus Crickley (director and business development).

Front row: Tony Mahon (director), Paul Drennan (CAD technician), Robert Douglas (chief financial officer) and Umut Zengin (engineer).


WEW Engineering Founding Directors

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