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dublin zoo - water treatment

Project Description

The Sealion Cove Life Support System (LSS) at Dublin Zoo is a modern saline water system designed to minimise water and salt usage while maintaining high levels of clarity for visual display purposes. Good hygiene and disinfection is an important factor in water treatment to promote the health and wellbeing of the Sealions and Penguins that call it home. Dublin Zoo commissioned WEW Engineering to provide an engineering survey and report on the Plant including the processes, equipment, and the level of control and operator involvement in operating the Life Support System (LSS). The report highlighted several areas of concern that Dublin Zoo felt required improvements, particularly the level of operator involvement, the lack of functioning instrumentation and automatic operations and control systems. LSS systems incorporate many units of operation, all effectively designed to maintain clarity and good animal hygiene in the various pools and display areas. The Water Salinity is maintained at optimum levels, with the 2No Pools, and 1No holding tank contents being continuously pumped via re-circulation through the LSS system which comprises of the following unit of operations:

  • Static Screening
  • Recirculation pumping
  • Pressure Sand Filtration
  • UV sterilisation
  • Biofiltration
  • Fractionation
  • Ozonation
  • Backwash Water Reclaim System

As a consequence of the initial report Dublin Zoo retained WEW Engineering to propose and engineer various upgrades and improvements for implementation on a phased basis while minimising disruption to the Sealion Cove exhibition.

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Project Scope

During each phase WEW Engineering acted as the client representatives carrying out the following works:

  • Detailed design and engineering including CAD drawings.
  • Development of User Requirement Specifications (URS) for improved automation.
  • Development of Particular Specifications of MEICA equipment items.
  • Procurement Services in obtaining and selecting Vendors and Contractor Tenders.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Implementing upgrades.
  • Reviews of maintenance programmes.
sealions dublin zoo water treatment

Project Outcomes

WEW Engineering have been retained as technical advisors, providing ongoing support services to the Zoo’s Utilities Management, the Plant Operators, and Service and Maintenance Contractors. The following systems have been upgraded and/or replaced or improved, providing the Client with a system that is effective, more reliable, easier to operate and with vastly improved monitoring and control systems:

Ozone Systems

Ozone Alarm System
Relocate Ozone Systems (safety issue)
Replace/upgrade main Ozone systems


Biotower Bypass System
Biotower Covers
Biotower Distribution System

Plant Instrumentation

Provision of Process Instrumentation (Flows and Levels)
Provision of Analytical Instrumentation (Water Quality Parameters)

Plant Control and Automation

New PLC/HMI Control System
Graphing and Trending
Remote Monitoring System(s)

Following the upgrades, the LSS is now monitored and controlled by a modern PLC/HMI System. A comprehensive suite of Instrumentation is also installed, equipped with cloud-based remote monitoring This enables WEW Engineers to remotely view and monitor water quality parameters, thus providing early warning of any potential issues that may be developing.


WEW Engineering provides EICA services for water and wastewater treatment applications, more information here.

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