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We provide advisory services to assist our clients in the development and implementation process of their project. It establishes clear definitions of responsibility and scope to each stage of the project. Included are the following services:

Establish Client Objectives
Determination of Project Scope
Feasibility Studies – Technical & Commercial
Plant Surveys – Process and Mechanical & Electrical
Front End Engineering Studies
Applied Research and Development
Preliminary Reports

We develop sustainable, cost-effective designs and solutions for the Water, Energy, Bioenergy and Wastewater Industry. This system incorporates best available techniques (BAT) to meet the individual challenges of each project. WEW act in a support role as engineering consultants to aid the client in the decision making process on each project.

engineering advisory services

Analysis and advice


At WEW its important for us to work with our clients in a team effort to identify the client priorities and requirements of each project. We provide process led analysis, advice and alternatives from the inception to allow for adjustments. This gives our clients a comprehensive view to the project variables in order to prioritise specific design solutions.

We apply the latest process technologies to improve existing facilities and to design state of the art new facilities. Our focus is on site-specific solutions, utilising our diverse team here at WEW to create the optimum system for our client.

Innovative Water, Energy & Wastewater Solutions

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