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At WEW Engineering we offer a range of advisory services to help clients in the development and implementation of their projects, particularly in the fields of Water, Energy, Bioenergy, and Wastewater. Our services encompass several key aspects of project planning and execution. Here’s a breakdown of the services provided:


  1. Establish Client Objectives: We work with clients to define their project goals and objectives. This is a crucial first step in understanding what they aim to achieve with their project.
  2. Determination of Project Scope: Clearly defining the scope of the project is essential to ensure that all stakeholders have a common understanding of what the project will entail.
  3. Feasibility Studies (Technical & Commercial): These studies assess whether the project is technically and financially viable. They help clients make informed decisions about whether to proceed with a project.
  4. Plant Surveys (Process and Mechanical & Electrical): Conducting surveys of existing facilities or potential project sites to gather essential data related to the process, mechanical, and electrical aspects.
  5. Front End Engineering Studies: These studies are conducted early in the project lifecycle and involve detailed planning and design work to outline the project’s technical and engineering requirements.
  6. Applied Research and Development: If required, your company may engage in R&D activities to develop innovative solutions or technologies that can be applied to the project.
  7. Preliminary Reports: Preparing comprehensive reports that outline the findings, recommendations, and initial plans for the project. These reports serve as a basis for informed decision-making.


We focus on sustainable, cost-effective designs and solutions as it is crucial in today’s environment, where environmental concerns and cost efficiency are of paramount importance. We emphasize the use of “best available techniques” (BAT) to address the specific challenges of each project. This indicates a commitment to applying industry best practices and ensuring the highest standards are met.

In summary, our company acts as engineering consultants, offering support to clients throughout the entire project lifecycle, from initial concept to implementation, with a focus on achieving sustainable and efficient outcomes in the Water, Energy, Bioenergy, and Wastewater sectors.

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Analysis and advice


At WEW, we emphasize collaboration with our clients and prioritize understanding their priorities and project requirements. This client-centric approach is crucial for delivering successful projects. Our commitment is based on providing process-led analysis, advice, and alternative solutions from the project’s inception, as it allows for flexibility and adjustments as needed, ensuring that the final design solutions align with the client’s objectives.


The use of the latest process technologies to enhance existing facilities and develop cutting-edge new facilities demonstrates our commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of industry advancements. By focusing on site-specific solutions, we are tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each project, which is a key factor in delivering effective results.


Utilizing a diverse team at WEW further enhances our ability to develop optimal systems for our clients. Diverse perspectives and expertise can lead to innovative and well-rounded solutions. Overall, our approach prioritizes client satisfaction, innovation, and adaptability, all of which are vital in the world of project management and design.

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