Construction management services

Construction Management Services

Our projects are meticulously customized to meet the unique needs of our clients, offering innovative solutions tailored to their requirements. With a dedicated team comprising design engineers, water engineers, and CAD designers, along with our extensive expertise, we ensure the comprehensive completion of all project aspects using cutting-edge techniques.

Our Construction Management Services encompass:
– Supervision of Projects
– Strategic Project Planning
– Reviewing Submissions
– Facilitating Approvals
– Attendance at Site Meetings

Whether you’re engaged in constructing municipal water infrastructure, industrial wastewater plants, or bioenergy facilities, meticulous organization and planning are imperative. Coordinating various contractors, spanning civil, structural, process, mechanical, and electrical engineering, as well as PLC/SCADA System integrators, presents a complex and challenging endeavour.

Our independent project management and construction supervision services are designed to navigate your project to successful completion, adhering to deadlines, budgets, and stringent quality standards.

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Project Planning

Our Construction Management Services offer the following advantages:

1. Guaranteeing adherence to PSDP and PSCS duties and requirements, encompassing Design Risk Assessments and the creation of the project Safety File.
2. Maintaining project timelines, mitigating technical risks, and averting construction errors through diligent supervision.
3. Ensuring alignment with granted planning permissions, regulatory license prerequisites, and specified technical documentation.
4. Compliance with pertinent building regulations, quality standards, and guidelines from insurance companies.
5. Accurate completion and issuance of all necessary documents, certificates, and declarations.

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Construction and Installation Supervision


WEW Engineering offers comprehensive construction supervision services tailored to various projects, be it water, wastewater, or bioenergy upgrades or new constructions. Our team of seasoned engineering consultants ensures the seamless execution of your project from start to finish. We oversee all facets of the work, ranging from civil to mechanical/electrical, process, and system integration. Our construction oversight services encompass:

– Design supervision
– Attendance at site meetings
– Project management for industrial and infrastructure facilities
– Program management for infrastructure development plans
– Site supervision adhering to technical and construction standards
– Continuous monitoring of construction progress (quality, schedule, and budget)
– Commissioning oversight ensuring quality and schedule adherence
– Documentation review and verification, including as-built documentation


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