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Energy Audits and efficiency

WEW Engineering in association with PowerPoint Engineering provide a focused Energy Auditing Service, formal audit report and recommended modifications to concur with Best Available Techniques (BAT). We also provide solutions and recommendations for use at existing water, wastewater, energy, and process plants. Sustainability Audits of existing plants is also provided as part of our specialist consulting engineering services.


Energy Monitoring Surveys include the following:


Quantify Energy Use and Costs and apportion to relevant plant cost centres.
Assess and evaluate appropriate energy supply tariff (MIC).
Load Study Profiles to establish accurately dimensioned back-up generator and UPS equipment required.
Assess building electrical energy efficiency.
Provide option for Permanent Energy Metering System.
For companies implementing ISO 5001 – Energy Management, this EN standard ensures energy is being used efficiently.


Power Quality surveys may also be completed which include:


Investigation of Electrical Equipment Failure/ Malfunction.
Voltage Transient Disturbances.
Voltage Sags/Swell.
Assessment of Voltage Supply Quality and Capacity.
Establish baselines and standards, compliance (EN 50160, G5-4) Voltage, Current,
Harmonics, THD, Individual Order Harmonics, Power Harmonics, Voltage Unbalance,
Power Frequency, Flicker.
Prior to new equipment installations/expansion.

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Energy efficiency directive

The Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) mandates large organisations to complete energy audits every four years. If your organisation employs 250 plus, or has an annual turnover in excess of €50m and an annual balance sheet total in excess of €43m, then you are legally required to demonstrate compliance with (SI) 426 of 2014 by undertaking an energy audit.


WEW Engineering and PowerPoint Engineering monitor and record results for analysis. Process plant capacity trends and performance are also recorded. The audit report is concluded with recommendations for modifications and or upgrades to minimise energy consumption.

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