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Preliminary Design and Engineering Solutions

We provide the following preliminary design services: Examination of an identified client need, Definition of requirements for potential solutions, Evaluation of alternative solutions, and Determination of optimum design solution.

Once the project brief has been fully understood and research has been conducted into the required flows, loadings, and the required quality standards to be met, leading to acceptable process solutions and options being developed, the preliminary design then begins.


design engineering

Design Development

Once the initial concepts and alternatives have been reviewed and agreed, as above, the next stage is to develop the preliminary design and initial engineering concepts. Many engineering disciplines now become engaged, such as civil and structural, process elaboration, mechanical and electrical, and automation and control systems.

Deliverables typically may include:

Appointment of PSDP
Preparation of Safety File
Design Calculations (all disciplines)
Preliminary equipment sizing and selection
Regulatory licensing and planning assistance
Planning drawings
Development of system specification
Plant layout and process flow drawings
Outline PID Drawings
CAPEX and OPEX Estimates
Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis
Preparation of Design Risk Analysis

Once this stage is completed, the Project is defined, with a +/- Cost Estimate (typically 10 – 20%) depending on requirements, being available, thus enabling our clients to proceed with confidence to make informed decisions on proceeding with the works.

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