wastewater treatment

Wastewater Treatment

The Climate Change Environment

Relatively new emphasis on design outputs are being dictated by incoming EU legislation, for example, 2010-75-EU Industrial Emissions, EU 2016-902-EU BAT Technology for wastewater/gas in the chemical sector, ROM-2018-07-02 Monitoring of Emissions to Air and Water and pending BAT Regulations for the food and beverage industry, which will shortly become a directive, complement the Paris UN Directive Decision/COP21 proposal for tackling global climate change.

Our Engineers have been applying cutting-edge technologies in the Water, Energy and Wastewater sectors, both Municipal and Industrial, for over 40 years. We are recognised nationally and internationally as experts in this area of speciality engineering.

Our Approach

We work directly with our Clients to identify the project requirements and fundamentals, developing designs and solutions using the latest technologies and processes, as proven from our experience, to maximise cost-effectiveness, and cradle-to-cradle sustainability, while minimising carbon footprint.

Typical Services Provided

Advisory Services, including Carbon footprint reporting, By-product Recovery, and Project Energy Audits.

Preliminary design and engineering development including On-site surveys of brownfield (existing) plants for modernisation/sustainability purposes. Feasibility/pilot studies of defined process applications and combinations at field level. Preliminary Design and Engineering Reports incorporating Industry-specific BAT technologies, with Capex and Opex assessment. Master-planning, Planning and licencing negotiations

Project Design and Engineering, including Detailed Design & Engineering, process warranty (defined parameters) and PSDP Services (Drawings and Designs are carried out using the latest AutoCAD 3D software). Preparation of Tender Documentation with vendor selection, and technical-commercial assessment of received tenders under agreed terms of reference. Ongoing Clients’ Representative services as projects progress, including checking and approval of drawings and technical submissions. Process commissioning, testing, training, and ongoing reviews of the operating works. Development of Operating Manuals and SOP’s specifically designed for each particular project.

wastewater treatment

Typical Processes

  • Separation Processes – clarification, DAF Filters
  • Aerobic Processes – AS IFAS MMBR
  • Biological Nutrient Removal – BNR Nitrite Shunt Process
  • Anaerobic Digestion – AD
  • MBR’s can provide the basis for recycling and reuse of wastewater
  • AD plants can provide waste to energy benefits by producing Biogas
wastewater treatment

Innovative Water, Energy & Wastewater Solutions

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