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Industrial and commercial plant upgrades

Water and Wastewater Plant Upgrades

Water and Wastewater Plant upgrades

A treatment plant is a facility in which a variety of processes such as (physical, chemical and biological) are used to treat water and wastewater and remove pollutants. Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) are heavily contaminated environments. Industries such as pharma/biopharma, hospitals, food and drink, brewing and distilling, manufacturing, biorenewables, industrial, and municipal sites all contribute to this pollution. WWTPs although contaminated are nutrient intense compounds. Several pollutants can be removed through WWTPs with the correct use of specialised technologies and processes. This process can extract value through resource recovery and transform bi products into co products for reuse adapting the cradle-to-cradle method in line with the circular economy objective.

WWTPs constitute a lot of Capital Expenditure so maintaining the reduce, reuse, recycle ethos we repurpose the old WWTP by upgrading it to increase capacity and raise the efficiency in meeting effluent standards. This minimizes costs by excluding the purchase of new tanks, plant and equipment.

municipal plant upgrade

Our Approach

As a service provider we focus on the site specific issues and client priorities. Plant Analysis after detailed discussions will follow including:
Desktop Analysis
Process Analysis
Oxygen Transfer Analysis
Possible Solution Comparison
On-Line Monitoring
Reactor Tracer Testing

Integrated Approach:

We incorporate an integrated approach which means we look at all available loading and performance data and discuss operational issues with the Plant Operators. This tailors to the client’s priorities discussing the implications of every outcome and what benefits we can provide with each process. This will support the companies decision making inline with maximising specific nutrients for recovery.

Key Stages

The Planning stage follows analysis where we develop a rough concept for you with alternatives. This provides a solid basis for an informed decision based on BAT compliance for your industry sector. We look at the following areas in terms of upgrade possibilities, all with a focus on decarbonisation and energy reduction.

Plant Upgrading through Improved Operation and Maintenance
Plant Upgrading through Instrumentation and Control Systems improvements
Plant upgrade by exploring Biogas Production as an energy option
Plant Upgrading through New Liquid Processing Technologies
Plant Upgrading through New Solids Processing Technologies



Working through the above stages, we will have identified feasible opportunities and options for cost-effective upgrades, which we provide in a Report that includes:

Upgrade Options
Feasibility analysis
Budget calculation
Viability analysis
3D system planning
Recommendations and observations.

At this point discussions commence on the final decisions with the client to assist in the decision making process. The Design and Engineering concepts will then be implemented from here, right through to construction/implementation stage.

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