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Water and Wastewater Plant Upgrades

The Climate Change Environment


Under the Irish Government’s Climate Action Plan increasing carbon taxes are designed to encourage all sectors (Municipal and Industrial) to reduce their carbon footprint. The water and wastewater sectors will be critical for this objective, with Bioenergy developments playing a major role. SEAI, working with enterprise agencies, is prioritising preparatory work on the following actions:

Accelerate the roll out of renewable energy, Combined Heat, and Power (CHP)
Technologies and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)
Develop a strategy for waste heat recovery from industrial processes
Support the adoption of renewable heat for process and space heating
Support industry to test and demonstrate scalable and replicable innovative approaches to decarbonisation

Instead of construction of new water treatment plants or wastewater treatment plants, upgrading of existing plants may increase capacity or achieve higher efficiency in meeting effluent standards. With that in mind WEW Engineering can provide our Clients with options to upgrade their existing facilities, while minimising investment in new tankage, plant, and equipment.


municipal plant upgrade

Our approach

Many service providers and technology companies offer a standard solution before they have fully understood the Clients site-specific issues and priorities. At WEW Engineering we always begin with intense discussions. We listen to the Client and we pose questions based on our Plant Analysis techniques such as:
Desktop Analysis
Process Analysis
Oxygen Transfer Analysis
Possible Solution Comparison
On-Line Monitoring
Reactor Tracer Testing

Integrated Approach:

Means we look at any and all available loading and performance data and discuss operational issues with the Plant Operators. This is until the point that we become acquainted as accurately as possible with your products, your requirements and above all, your future plans and priorities.

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Key Stages

Planning is not a one-way street, that is why develop a rough concept for you with alternatives. With this, you have a solid basis for a sustainable decision based on BAT compliance for your industry sector. We look at all the following areas in terms of upgrade possibilities, all with a focus on decarbonisation and energy reduction.

Plant Upgrading through Improved Operation and Maintenance
Plant Upgrading through Instrumentation and Control Systems improvements
Plant upgrade by exploring Biogas Production as an energy option
Plant Upgrading through New Liquid Processing Technologies
Plant Upgrading through New Solids Processing Technologies


Working through the above stages, we will have identified feasible opportunities and options for cost-effective upgrades, which we provide in a Report that includes:

Upgrade Options
Feasibility analysis
Budget calculation
Viability analysis
3D system planning
Recommendations and observations.

We are then be available to the Client to discuss/assist in the decision-making process. Following which we are of course available to provide our full Design and Engineering Services to develop the design concepts right through to construction/implementation stage.

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