BE. Eur Ing. C Eng. FIEI

Water and Wastewater Treatment Process Engineering Specialist with over 45 years’ experience. Seamus has completed over 500 Projects in Ireland, UK and Internationally and is a Fellow of Engineers Ireland Member for over 25 years.

Seamus Crickley has forty-five years’ experience in Water & Wastewater and Energy-related services including pre-design studies, R&D, detailed process design – municipal and industrial – validation of designs submitted for contractual purposes and final certification of working systems. Seamus has been involved in a specialist capacity on more than 350 projects providing engineering services ranging from forward planning to conceptual BAT implementation to detailed design to project implementation and to post-commissioning testing.

Seamus has worked in Ireland, UK, USA, Nigeria, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, KSA, West Africa and The Bahamas.

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